Trams in Warsaw
Varšava, Praga, Most Poniatowski, tramvaj
Low-floor PESA 120N tram on line 9
Locale Warsaw, Poland
Transit type Tramway
Number of lines 25
Began operation 1886
Operator(s) Tramwaje Warszawskie sp. z.o.o
Number of vehicles 876
System length 121 km
Track gauge 1435 mm
A map of the Warsaw tram system

Warsaw trams2.svg

Operated tram typesEdit

Manufacturer Illustration Model Subtype Exploitation from Number, pcs
Template:Country data Poland PL Warsaw Konstal 13N tram Konstal 13N Konstal 13Np 1959 213
Template:Country data Poland Tramwajewawa2 Konstal 105Na Konstal 105Na 1984 571
Template:Country data Poland Konstal 105Np Konstal 105Np 1994 2
Template:Country data Poland 80px Konstal 105Ng/S Konstal 105Ng/S 2000 12
Template:Country data Poland 80px Konstal 105N2k/2000 Konstal 105N2k/2000/S 2001 14
Template:Country data Poland 80px Konstal 105N2k/2000


Konstal 105N2k/2000/S


2007 6
Template:Flag/core 80px Tatra KT4 Tatra KT4DtM 2006 21
Template:Flag/core 80px Tatra T6A2 Tatra T6A2D 2008 32
Template:Country data Poland 80px Moderus Alfa 105N/S/HF/09 2008 1
Template:Country data Polija 80 px Moderus Alfa




2008 1
Template:Country data Poland 80 px Pesa 120Na Pesa 120NaS 2010 1

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